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Monthly Archives: April 2022

    Give Your Curb Appeal a Boost Before You Sell

    By Danny Cheung | April 29, 2022

    Some Highlights If you’re thinking about selling your house this season, focusing on a few quick and easy updates outside can help your home look its best. 78% of real estate agents polled say poor landscaping affects property values. As a seller, that means your yard could impact your bottom line. When getting your house ready to sell, let’s connect to discuss what... Read More

    What You Need To Know About Selling in a Sellers’ Market

    By Danny Cheung | April 28, 2022

    The current real estate market has incredible opportunities for homeowners looking to make a move. Listing your house this season means you’ll be in front of serious buyers who are ready to buy. Let’s connect so you can jumpstart the selling process. Read More

    The Dream of Homeownership Is Worth the Effort

    By Danny Cheung | April 27, 2022

    If you’re planning to buy a home this year, incredible benefits await you at the end of your journey. Let’s connect to discuss everything homeownership has to offer. Read More

    How Homeownership Can Help Shield You from Inflation

    By Danny Cheung | April 26, 2022

    If you’re ready to buy a home, it may make sense to move forward with your plans despite rising inflation. If you want expert advice on your specific situation and how to time your purchase, let’s connect. Read More

    Is It Enough To Offer Asking Price in Today’s Housing Market?

    By Danny Cheung | April 25, 2022

    Understanding how to approach the asking price of a home and what’s happening in today’s real estate market are critical for buyers. Let’s connect so we can work together to create a winning plan for you. Read More

    Myths About Today’s Housing Market

    By Danny Cheung | April 22, 2022

    Some Highlights If you’re planning to buy or sell a home today, it’s important to be aware of common misconceptions. Whether it’s timing your purchase as a buyer based on home prices and mortgage rates or knowing what to upgrade or repair before listing your house as a seller, it takes a professional to guide you through those decisions. Let’s connect so you have an expert to help separate fact from... Read More

    Why This Housing Market Is Not a Bubble Ready To Pop

    By Danny Cheung | April 21, 2022

    The major reason for the housing crash 15 years ago was a tsunami of foreclosures. With much stricter mortgage standards and a historic level of homeowner equity, the fear of massive foreclosures impacting today’s market is not realistic. Read More

    How To Approach Rising Mortgage Rates as a Buyer

    By Danny Cheung | April 20, 2022

    Serious buyers should approach rising rates as a motivating factor to buy sooner, not a reason to wait. Waiting will cost you more in the long run. Let’s connect today so you can better understand your budget and be prepared to buy your home even before rates climb higher. Read More

    Why Pre-Approval Is an Important Step for Today’s Homebuyers

    By Danny Cheung | April 19, 2022

    Getting pre-approved for a mortgage helps you better understand what you can afford and signals to sellers you’re serious about purchasing their home. Let’s connect so you have the tools you need to succeed as a homebuyer in today’s market. Read More

    Is It Time To Buy a Smaller Home?

    By Danny Cheung | April 18, 2022

    If you’ve recently retired or plan to soon, your needs are likely changing. That means now may be the perfect time to downsize. Let’s connect so we can work together to find a home that matches your situation. Read More