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    Zillow Lists Santa’s House, Just in Time for Christmas

    Ever wondered where Santa parks his sleigh year-round? Now you can rest your worried mind – Zillow has created Santa’s idyllic North Pole home, and calculated how much it’s worth.

    Santa Claus’ three bedroom, two bedroom log cabin stretches to a healthy 2,500 square feetabout 1,000 square feet larger than the average U.S. Home, according to Zillow. Santa’s house was renovated in 2013, and its North Pole location includes an expansive 25-acre lot for ample reindeer play. Interior amenities include a river rock fireplace for those frosty winters, a gourmet kitchen for baking Christmas cookies and a wood-burning stove in one of the guest suites. (Yes, Santa has a guest suite).

    Of course, Santa’s house also includes a garage for his sleigh, stables for Rudolph & Co., and a toy-making workshop with 50 work stations for cranking out Christmas goodies.

    Zillow “zestimates” the listing at $656,957, although the quaint cabin is off the market.

    Why did Zillow create this hypothetical listing? We’re glad you asked. “Santa’s home in the North Pole is one of the most famous homes in the world,” said Zillow Chief Marketing Officer Jeremy Wacksman. “Millions of kids are looking forward to a visit from Santa this year, and now they have the opportunity to virtually visit Santa’s house themselves.”

    You can virtually visit Santa’s home at, where you can peruse a photo gallery straight out of stock photo heaven, or enjoy a video walkthrough.

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